Nordkurdisch (auch bekannt als Kurmanji)

Geoffrey Haig, Hanna Thiele

Northern Kurdish (ISO 639-3: kmr), also known as Kurmanji, is a Northwest Iranian language spoken in eastern Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and parts of western Iran. The two texts recorded here are traditional narratives, from a female and a male speaker who grew up near the townships of Erzurum and Muš respectively. The texts were recorded in Germany in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, and subsequently transcribed, translated and annotated by Geoffrey Haig, Abdullah Incekan, and Hanna Thiele.

Linguistic background


Haig, Geoffrey and Thiele, Hanna. Northern Kurdish. In: Haig, Geoffrey and Stefan Schnell. Multi-CAST (Multilingual Corpus of Annotated Spoken Texts),, date accessed.