Cypriot Greek

Harris Hadjidas, Maria Vollmer

Cypriot Greek (ISO 639-3: ell) is the variety of Greek spoken in Cyprus. The three texts in this sub-corpus, all of which are traditional narratives, were originally recorded in the 1960’s, and later compiled and published by Konstantinos Giangoullis as part of a book of traditional Cypriot tales (Giangoullis 2009). While unfortunately no audio recordings are available for this sub-corpus, the texts appear to have been only minimally edited and reflect reasonably faithfully the spoken language used in traditional narratives. The texts were initially transliterated into the Roman alphabet and translated into English by a native speaker, Harris Hadjidas, who also conducted the first round of syntactic annotation. A second round of annotation was completed by Maria Vollmer under supervision of Geoffrey Haig.

The author of the text collection, Konstantinos Giangoullis, has kindly given his permission for the three texts in this sub-corpus to be made freely available as part of the archive. We refer to the author’s website for further information on the author and related publications:

Giangoullis, Konstantinos G. 2009. Kypriaka paradosiaka paramytha. Ek stomatos Elenis Mich. Satsia. Apo to Geri-Pyroi (1887–1982) [Traditional Cypriot tales as told by Eleni Mich. Satsia from Yeri-Pyroi (1887–1982)]. Viviothiki Kyprion Laikon Poiiton, Ar. 71. Theopress Publications: Leukosia.

Linguistic background


Hadjidas, Harris and Vollmer, Maria. Cypriot Greek. In: Haig, Geoffrey and Schnell, Stefan. Multi- CAST (Multilingual Corpus of Annotated Spoken Texts),, date accessed.