Adibifar, Shirin

Persian (ISO 639-3: pes) is an Iranian language with official variants spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, and parts of Tajikistan; the variety spoken in Iran is also referred to as Farsi. The texts in this corpus are narrative retellings of the Pear film (Chafe 1980), a roughly five minutes long short about a boy stealing the fruit a man had been picking. The recordings were made by Shirin Adibifar in Tehran and locations in the Mazandaran province in 2015. Of the 29 speakers, 17 of are female and 12 male; the median age is 25, with a range of 20 to 39. All speakers have received at least some measure of university-level education.

Linguistic background


Adibifar, Shirin. 2016. Persian. In: Haig, Geoffrey & Schnell, Stefan (eds.), Multi-CAST (Multilingual Corpus of Annotated Spoken Texts),, date accessed.