• Multi-CAST: Overview

    Geoffrey Haig, Stefan Schnell

    Multi-CAST (Multilingual Corpus of Annotated Spoken Texts) is a collection of non-elicited, spoken texts from different languages, most of them monologic narratives. The corpus was compiled and annotated under the supervision of Geoffrey Haig and Stefan Schnell, with technical implementation undertaken by LAC at the University of Cologne. Continue reading →

  • The Suffix -ne in Balinese

    Balinese is an Austronesian language spoken on the Island of Bali, Indonesia. This corpus consists of a selection of recordings gathered in context of the field-methods course on Balinese, winter term 2012/2013, at the University of Cologne. These selected recordings serve as empirical data for the MA thesis “The suffix -ne in Balinese”, by Lucas Haiduck. Continue reading →

  • Zaghawa (Wagi dialect, Sudan)

    Zaghawa is a Nilo-Saharan language (Eastern Saharan branch) that is spoken in Sudan and Chad. There are three distinct dialects (Kube, Tuba and Wagi), and this corpus documents the Wagi dialect of Sudan. Continue reading →

  • Kallawaya

    Katja Hannß

    Kallawaya is a mixed and secret language spoken in the Charazani region of north-western Bolivia. As a mixed language, Kallawaya takes its lexicon and grammar from different and genetically unrelated languages. Continue reading →