Zaghawa (Wagi dialect, Sudan)

Zaghawa is a Nilo-Saharan language (Eastern Saharan branch) that is spoken in Sudan and Chad. There are three distinct dialects (Kube, Tuba and Wagi), and this corpus documents the Wagi dialect of Sudan.The data was collected in 2014/15 during an MA-level field methods class at the University of Cologne, taught by Birgit Hellwig.

The speaker in the recordings is Elsadig Omda Ibrahim Elnur. He acted as consultant during elicitation sessions where the students elicited words (to develop a preliminary phonology) and various grammatical structures (to investigate selected aspects of Zaghawa morphosyntax). The students also recorded some naturalistic and stimuli-based texts, and later transcribed and annotated them with the help of Elsadig.

This corpus contains audio recordings of all elicitation sessions, audio/video recordings of the naturalistic/stimuli-based texts, and transcripts and annotations in ELAN format.